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Pierre Alechinsky Lithograph N8-5 1988


Artist: Pierre Alechinsky
Country: Belgium
Title: Untitled N 8-5
Medium: Original Lithograph
Marks: Not signed not numbered
Printed: 1988 by L’imprimerie Arte, France
Paper: Vellum paper 14.5 x 10.5 inch
Provenance: Revue Noise 1988
Condition: Fine
Certificate of authenticity Is included

Biography: Pierre Alechinsky: Belgium painter born 1927, studied at ecole d’Architecture et d’Arts decortifs and started painting in 1946. He moved to Paris in 1951. He worked with book illustrations and engravings as well in expressive large acrylic paintings. The artist wrote numerous essays about art, in 1956 he went to Japan to produce a film about Japanese calligraphy. He exhibited works at the documental in1964 and 1977. His works can be found in many museums and collections in Europe & USA.

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