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Paul Klee Lithograph Child’s Head Verve 1939


Artist: Paul Klee
Country: Suitzerland
Title: Child’s Head
Medium: Lithograph
printed: 1939 by Mourlot, France
Size: Vellum paper 14 x 10.5 inch
Provenance: Revue Verve vol2 -5,6 1939
Condition: Very Good
COA : Included.


Biography: Paul Klee (1879 -1940) Swiss painter of German Nationality He was influenced with Cubism, surrealism and expressionism. He is close friend to Wassily Kandinsky. Klee learned to manipulate color with great skill. He died 1940 at age sixty. He left around 9000 works of art. His work can be seen in  museums; in Bern and San Francisco of modern Art and other Museums worldwide. Today a painting by Paul Klee can sell for $8 to 10 million.

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