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Pablo Picasso Linogravure 31 Faunes et chevre


Medium: Linogravures – 31
Marks: Not signed not numbered
Paper : Heavy paper 12.50 x 14.75 inch
Publisher: Editions Cercle d’art 1962 France
Provenance: Picasso Linogravures 1962
Condition: Fine
Certificate of Authenticity Included

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Artists that are related to the era of cubism: Pablo Picasso the co-founder, Georges Braque, Juan Gris, Salvador Dali, Diego Rivera, Piet Mondrian, Fernand Leger, Paul Klee, Kazimir Malevich, Paul Cezanne.



Pablo Ruiz Picasso (1881-1973) Spanish painter and sculptor who lived in France, and co-founded Cubism. His style changed as he experimented with different theories, techniques and ideas. His revolutionary artistic accomplishments brought him immense fortune throughout his life, making him one of the best-known figures in 20th century art.


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