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Aristide Maillol Lithograph Cover Verve 1939


Title: Untitled – Cover
Artist:  Aristide Maillol
Country: France
Medium: Lithograph
Paper Size: 14 x 10.50 inch
Marks: Not signed not numbered
Printed: 1939 by Mourlot Freres, France
Provenance: Revue Verve 1939
Condition: Very good previously framed
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Aristide Maillol was a French artist, (1861-1944) After an education at the École des Beaux-Arts, Maillol became a tapestry artist and sculptor. He is best known for his large scale female nudes and his work was heavily influenced by Paul Gauguin. Maillol died at the age of 83 in an automobile accident in 1944. A large collection of his work is held at the Musée Maillol in Paris.

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