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1988 Pierre Nivollet Lithograph N10-7 Noise

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Artist: Pierre Nivollet
Country: France
Title: Untitled N 10-7
Medium: Original Lithograph
Printed: 1988 by L’imprimerie Arte, France
Paper: Vellum paper 14.5 x 10.5 inch
Provenance: Revue Noise 1988
Condition: Fine-Pristine
COA: included

Biography: Pierre Nivollet: born 1946 in Dijon, lives and works in Paris. He was one of the founders of the magazine Documents sur and has been as active in the literary as in the artistic world; he has published two books of poems. His series of lithographs published revue Noise under the title Biographies remains one of Pierre Nivollet’s key artistic statements.

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