“When I work form nature or in my studio, I leave the world of reality for a sort of religious realm where my hand seems to obey impulses form an invisible force. And when I am seated before my easel, I disappear into a universe different form ours; it’s like entering into prayer.”

Jean Carzou


Carzou Jean (1907-2000) was born in Syria a French–Armenian artist, painter, illustrator and Engraver, whose work illustrated the novels of Ernest Hemingway and Albert Camus. He moved to Paris in 1924 to study architecture. He started drawing and painting. In 1938 more than a hundred exhibitions of his works were organized in Paris, In 1949, he received the coveted Hallmark prize In 1977Carzou was elected member of, Académie des beaux-arts. He was also awarded the National Order of Merit of France. A Carzou Museum exists in Dinard Brittany France.

Jean Carzou Original Lithograph 5, Mourlot 1962