alexandre garbell art prints collection

Alexandre Garbell was, at some point of his career, tempted by abstraction. But pretty soon it exceeded the opposition between abstraction and figuration to realize the real terms of shapes, colors & rhythms. Figuration is likely to stop at the anecdotal, Garbell research essential; He translates and transposes.


Alexandre Garbell Lithograph 2, Mourlot 1962


Garbell, Alexandre Sacha (1903-1970) French was born into a Jewish family in Riga, Latvia. Garbell studied under Bissière at the Académie Ranson. Soon he was exhibiting at the most prestigious Paris Salons – the Salon des Super indépendants, the Salon des Tuilieries, the Salon Automne, and the Salon de Mai.

Alexandre Garbell exhibited in numerous galleries in Paris and New York after WWII, including personal exhibitions in Paris, Copenhagen, Milan, Lausanne, Turin, London, New York, Amsterdam, and Zurich. His art evolved towards abstraction, it retained that special luminosity that reflected his sensual involvement in the pleasures of color and light.