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Max Kaminski Original Lithograph N4-2H Noise 1988


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Artist: Max G. Kaminsky
Country: German
Title: Untitled N4-2h
Medium: Original Lithograph
Marks: Not signed, not numbered
Printed: 1988 by L’imprimerie Arte, France
Paper size: Vellum paper 14.5 x 10.5 inch
Apart: From Revue Noise
Condition: Fine – Pristine
COA: Included

Max Kaminski born in 1938 in Königsberg, Germany, Max Kaminski studied painting with Gerd van Dulmen at the University of Arts in Berlin. There he followed the teachings of Hans Jaenisch, Peter Janssen and Wolf Hoffman. In 1967, he graduated and exhibited for the first time at the Schüler Gallery, Berlin. He exhibited his works at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio and participated at the modern art exposition “La documenta” in Kassel. Since 1981 he is professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Karlsruhe.