Raoul Ubac original Lithograph “DM07130” 1961


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Raoul Ubac,
Original Lithograph “DM07130”
Printed: In France 1961
Paper Size: Vellum paper 15 x 11 inch
Condition: Fine pristine
Certificate of Authenticity Is Included

Raoul Ubac (1910-1985) Belgium painter, sculptor and photographer. His interest in art was aroused on his first visit to Paris in 1928. In 1930 he settled in Paris and made contact with the Surrealist group. He attended the Faculté des Lettres of the Sorbonne briefly but soon left to frequent the studios of Montparnasse. About 1933–4 he attended the Ecole des Arts Appliqués for more than a year, studying mainly drawing and photography. His artwork will found in many museums across the world.