Edouard Pignon “Les Mascarades 5” Eaux-fortes


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Title: Les Mascarades 5
Artist: Edward Pignon
Medium: Eaux-fortes
Printed 1976 on Arches en premier etat
Paper size: 15 x 22 inches
Condition: Fine
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Édouard Pignon (1905-1993): was born Bully-les-Mines, France, working as a miner despite his father’s wishes to fund his education. He went back to school in 1922, in 1925 work as a photographer. In 1927, he got a job in Citroen, then worked for a telephone company, while honing his skills as an artist doing self-portraits and still lifes. He went back to Paris to indulge the Parisian culture visiting museum and exhibitions that highlight modern art. In 1985, Pignon showcased three hundred works in an extensive retrospective exhibition.