Francois Fiedler Original Lithograph “DM01211” DLM 1974


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Francois Fiedler Lithograph DM-01211 DLM printed 1974

Artist: Francois Fiedler
Medium: Original lithograph DM01211
DLM printed 1974
Paper size: 15 x11 inch
Condition: Fine
Including a certificate of authenticity

François Fiedler (1921 in Košice , Slovakia – 2001 in Saint-Germain-Laval, Seine-et-Marne) was a Czechoslovakia-born naturalized French painter. Biography. One of the vitally important artists in the Aimé Maeght stable that included Marc Chagall, Giacometti and Joan Miró, was François Fiedler (1921-2001).