Paul Cezanne “Flowers and fruits” L.E Giclee


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Paul Cezanne
“Flowers and fruits”
limited edition & numbered Print Giclee
printed 2002 by Fine Art Museum
Watercolor paper 13 x 19″
Condition: Fine
COA Is Included.


Paul Cézanne 1839 -1906 Born in Aixe in Provence, France, french artist, Influenced by Rubens, Courber & Pissarro. One of the leader of transition to a new different world of art at early 20th century’s new line of artistic enquiry the Impressionism and Cubism, the line attribute to Matisse and Picasso. Cézanne’s art work design color and composition are highly characteristic and clearly recognizable. He is using planes of color and small brushstrokes often repetitive.