Francisco Bores “6” Original Lithograph 1961 Mourlot


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Francisco Bores Original Lithograph printed 1962 by Mourlot

Francisco Bores
Title: “Untitled 6”
Origimal Lithograph
Editor: Edition Verve
printed 1961 by Mourlot
Paper Size: 11 x 8.5 inch
Condition: Fine Pristine
Certificate of Authenticity Is Included

Biography: Francisco Bores: (1898-1972) Spanish-painter, mainly active in France, and widely recognized as one of the leading 20th century Spanish artists. Influenced by the Spanish master, Juan Gris, Bores’ most chrachteristic works show influence from Cubism, but reflect his personalized style of pastel colored backgrounds and familiar objects with a black outline. Prior to the Second World War, Bores was widely recognized as the leading figure of the Ecole de Paris.