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Jovan Obican Guitar player signed original acrylic


Artist: Jovan Obican
Country: France
Title: Guitar player
Medium: Original Acrylic on paper
Size: Heavy Paper 27.50×14.50″ lay on board size 34.50×21″
Condition: Very Good
COA: Included

Jovan Obican (French, 1918–1986) was a French painter and lithographer best known for his depictions of folklore and traditional costumes rendered in a playful, childlike style. He often used bright colors and black outlines in his renderings of figures and animals, giving his work an illustration-like quality. The art style is a unique one. It is a conglomerate of tradition, history, legends, hero tails, epics, old customs and a derivation of folklore. It is a self-standing style, recognizable, cheerful, whimsical and a happy creation.

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