José Maria Sicilia has the virgin wax as an essential matter of his reflection, an element that becomes an essential component in the pictorial dialogue with light, through the degree of intensity that this luminous matter reserves, not only in the memory of its liquid spillage on the surface of the painting, but in the way in which it receives the painting and reflects the light to create an empty space inside it.


José María Sicilia Born in Madrid, Spanish, b.1954, Sicilia studied at the School of Fine Arts, is a painter who uses oil and wax in his evocative abstracted and representational paintings. Moving to Paris and then to New York as a young man. Sicilia worked initially in an abstracted style, painting thin layers of wax atop his surfaces, or using wax as paint in his compositions. More recently, he has created large-scale works of flowers and butterflies, Sicilia has shown his works internationally, including exhibitions at the Venice Biennale, the Bordeaux Musée d’Art Contemporain, and the Nagasaki Prefecture Museum of Art.

Sicilia Original Lithograph "N4-4" 1988